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Hanging by a thread (diptychs or triptychs)

Is there an aesthetic sense of urban resilience? Could emotions contribute to a better understanding of social vulnerabilities? Will our sensibility fill the void and pave the way to the sense of care and alterity?
In his essay “Terrain Vague”, urbanist Manuel de Solà-Morales discussed how photography embraces the problematic of contemporary social life. Building on the relation between the uncertainty of use and the sense of freedom, urban “terrains vagues” (an idiomatic expression hardly translatable) are constantly changing, depending on their environment, finding their potential in the new experiences and unpredictability they provide.
Echoing the junction between identified and unidentified realms, “Hanging by a thread” builds on a scenario with an initial picture continuously darkening in time (argentic paper grade Ilford MGRC Deluxe Pearl), displaying photographs linked one to the other with a hemp thread bringing at the same time consistency and fragility.

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