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Desperately looking for …

    Ageing trend is seen as challenging disasters risk reduction due to higher vulnerability. Our elders need to cope with fragile health and the covid pandemic has shown that they count amongst the most vulnerable. Yet, we collectively ignore the shift from ageing to ageism leading to discrimination, disregarding the benefits of intergenerational solidarity. Consciously or unconsciously, we marginalize elders, considered as a burden on society, due to their requirements for improved health and support services. Our world is getting older, and the trend will not reverse, but all attempts to include our elders in development processes seem a wishful thinking, due to societal attitudes determined by our own view of ageing and our denial of death. As for environmental issues, ignoring the challenges linked to an ageing world may lead to tipping points ( ) with critical consequences on our well-living together.


    Desperately looking for … (73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in) Shooting place: Quebec City, Canada

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