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    Our inability to understand the threats of adaptation without transformation constantly increases the risk of critical tipping points ( Growing vulnerabilities path the way to disasters too often seen as unpredictable though framed within a political context generating social inequalities.  Chaos is becoming the key word. More than a sign of powerlessness; a mean to justify our inability to control, to ignore that disasters relate to society and not to environment. But chaos is more than disorder. Chaos explores the unexpected. It deals with the surprise of nonlinear transitions. Far from theories explaining that a butterfly flapping its wings could produce a storm at the other end of the planet, there is no determinism in today’s chaos. There is nothing random nor unpredictable, but a paradigm of a failure. The failure to refuse business-as-usual policies. The failure of a world disconnected from nature. 

    Chaos (73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in) Shooting place: Calvi, France

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