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Dancing in the street.

    Opposing the idea of the artistic approach as a result of social constructions, defying the link between consumerism and art, “Dancing in the street” speaks of the realm of public spaces when dealing with creativity. Acting as a matrix that catalyzes new ways of feeling and thinking, art in urban spaces helps to escape social determinants, thus contributing to the political consciousness that underlies the sense of place. At its core, the refusal to see the act of creation reified by the social corpus, but to rethink norms and acquire the ability to reconsider what could be seen as granted. Far from the idea that an artist is a product of his / her time, constrained by socio-cultural obligations, artistic expressions in urban spaces lead the way to new paradigms. No audience obsession, no need for advertising, just a fleeting moment and a brief taste of freedom, recalling Ionesco’s quote: “Only the ephemeral is of lasting value”.

    Diptych including argentic parts darkening in time (62 x 42 cm / 24 x 16 in) Shooting place: Passage des Taillandiers, Paris, France

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