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What does home mean?

    Homeless are not poor having caused their own plight. They are the mirror of an infamous city. An indignity shaped by cultural and political norms. The indignity of exclusion, the indignity of conflicts, the indignity of losing a sense of place. This infamous city is the reverse image of a sustainable model presented as the only viable alternative. It leads to an undesired urban rearrangement where gated communities will reinforce exclusion instead of rewiring the causes of the malfunction. 

    What does home mean? asks the homeless. A roof? A dwelling? A safe place to be? The below series of two diptychs and one triptych tells a story. The story of human beings in search of their lost dignity. 

    What does home mean?, 2 diptychs (62 x 42 cm / 24 x 17 in) and 1 triptych (92 x 42 cm / 36 x 17 in) enhanced with gouache, argentic paper inclusions darkening in time. Shooting places, Chicago (USA), New York city (USA), Vienna (Austria), Paris (France)

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