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Bonding bike, a story.

    Connections between vulnerability and social capital are expected to provide resources and reinforce solidarity. The way community ties will enable to respond and possibly to anticipate disasters play a major role when facing social disruptions. But how can we be sure that bonding ties will improve a common wellbeing in a social habitus expressing the dwellers willingness of on-going deconstruction-reappropriation processes? 

    As a visual metaphor of urban mutations caused by social and cultural differentiations, this triptych story questions how social vulnerabilities translate into physical urban attributes. Seemingly, hanging a bike on a window makes no sense. But it may do when a bike is not just a bike. When the bike is part of a whole greater than the sum of its parts. When each part is tied to the other in such a way that bonding relations enable to strengthen solidarity.

    Bonding bike, a story (73 x 110 cm / 29 x 43 in). Shooting place, Les Grands Voisins, Paris, France

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