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Locked doors.

    Three diptychs inspired by the pandemic consequences, and how social distancing undermines cultural sensitivity. Seen as an adjustment variable of budgetary policies, cultural capabilities are threatened. Though, they should be seen as the inextricable link to human rights, democracy, and sustainability. As such, they play a key role in building the sense of care bridging personal to community resilience.

    Too often, online alternatives are said to guarantee equal access to cultural participation. Too often, moving from a book to a screen is moving from culture to entertainment. 

    Shooting places: Dublin, Ireland / Vienna, Austria

    Locked door 1 (30 x 44 cm / 12 x 17 in )
    Locked door 2 (30 x 44 cm / 12 x 17 in )
    Locked door 3 (30 x 44 cm / 12 x 17 in )

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