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    Hanging by a thread

    Hanging by a thread.

    Echoing the junction between identified and unidentified realms, “Hanging by a thread” displays a three steps scenario showing the initial picture continuously darkening in time. The three photographs are linked one to the other with a hemp thread bringing at the same time consistency and fragility.

    Hanging over disasters

    Hanging over disasters.

    “Hanging over disasters” displays different triptychs of installations with a theatrical dimension emphasizing the need of unconventional narratives to better appraise scientific evidence. In all photographic works, the basic principle that disasters are not natural and caused by societal failures is implicit.



    How is urban resilience related to sustainability? Can we bounce forward after a disaster when everything condemns us to bounce back? Is vulnerability really opposed to resilience? The series “Urbanities” shows two photographic stages for a given urban space where the sense of vulnerabilities, hazards, and disasters are significant.

    Tipping points

    Tipping points.

    A tipping point refers to a small change making a huge difference in the way our society is organized, causing a major shift to our daily lives. The tipping point series presented here magnifies the tensions raised by the uncertainty of the Anthropocene through the confrontation between the original materiality of our surroundings and their projected ephemerality.