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From Nature to sand.

    Anchored in the Enlightment, high tech and AI trends pave the way to a utopia: conceiving the human being outside Nature. The industrial revolution and its unforeseen consequences have opened a new era neglecting the observation of our universe and its role of matrix. By removing non-quantifiable facts of humankind relations with the world, we have forgotten the critical role played by natural elements in our daily lives. The destruction of the matrix gave birth to climate change. There are no natural disasters. We get what we deserve.

    Confronting the Bilbao flooding of 1983 with the act of demolishing, “From Nature to sand”, displays two diptychs and one triptych echoing one another, telling a story inspired by the disease of reason. A story saying how intertwined are the denial of Nature and the unsustainability of our choices. 

     “The disease of reason is that reason was born from man’s urge to dominate nature.” —Max Horkheimer, Eclipse of Reason (1947) 

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