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Is urban planning the right tool to improve Urban Resilience?

In 2017, seventeen renowned experts gathered together to brainstorm about the expected conditions to develop urban planning into a large-scale and transformative tool (1). The title of the article, Conceptualizing Dimensions and Characteristics of Urban Resilience: Insights from a Co-Design Process, though conceptual, should not hinder anyone having interest in the complex process of implementing […]

How resilient is a community?

J. Leroy & Al. in an article published on the Katrina floods of New Orleans, explain how social links and community culture helped the Vietnamese community to come back to a state of balance much quicker than the Afro-American living in the same neighborhood (1). The difference in the way two communities react on the […]

Opposing mitigation to adaptation ?

Examples of urban frames contributing to resilience are not to be found on every street corner… Whatever the hazard, and particularly in the case of climate change, most of the literature examines the social dimension of adaptation or mitigation. But very little is said about the design and architecture of the urban frame, though closely […]

Is urban resilience sustainable ?

The below work addresses the issue of the relation between urban resilience and sustainability. Very often, the question is raised to know if sustainability should prevail on urban resilience , or if it should be the other way round. Ultimately, this will depend on the definition of what is sustainable. It is maybe worth to […]

Vulnerable or resilient ?

The most difficult issue I face when using material to question the sociological side of urban resilience is the risk of being off-topic. Using images to underline the problematics linking people, their daily lives, their culture, their expectations and their urban environment, is a huge temptation to move from urban resilience to pure sociological and […]

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