Author: Yky

Exploring spirituality in the urban frame

You may like it or not, you cannot escape religious monuments and the way they impose their presence in the urban frame. They contribute to the city “imageability”, as defined by Kevin Lynch (1), and play a predominant role in its identity.  Their symbolic significance goes far beyond their original mission, as shown by the emotional response […]

Exploring spirituality in the urban frame

The sense of belonging, social connectedness and transcendental aspirations may coalesce in a holistic relationship between people and their built environment. Intertwining nature and spirituality may pave the way to sustainable thinking. But dealing with uncertainty and complexity requires not only a capacity to adapt but also to transform. To build successfully such transformative process, […]

We don’t need heroes

Beyond the richness of a concept with multi-faceted dimensions and the emptiness of a word used nowadays to mean anything, resilience, when applied to our daily lives, questions the balance between individual acts and collective responsibility. The below work shows the inside room of an Ellis Island dwelling. At D0, windows have been covered with wooden […]

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