Author: Yky

Tipping points

A tipping point refers to a small change making a huge difference in the way our society is organized, causing a major shift to our daily lives. Mostly used to address environmental related issues, tipping points should be seen as having the potential of critical social changes as well, impacting governance, solidarity, or sense of […]

Shibuya’s dark face.

Are we in control of our urban space when confronting the consequences of capitalism on social interactions? Can we turn spatial inequalities into a common future and decrease vulnerabilities? Thinking that the built environment has no impact on our sociability is more than questionable. The spatial design of neo-liberal economies leads to narratives influencing negotiation […]

Against the end, towards the end.

Towards the end or against the end? Facing the fate of exclusion, where are the grounds for utopia, inverting social power and privilege to favor commonalities? Wicked issues reflect our difficulties to recognize urban planning as a process acknowledging the relevance of transitional uses, challenging both space and time scales, retrofitting conventional narratives, adapting derelict […]

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