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How green is urban resilience?

Climate change and regular heatwaves enhance the need for urban planning strategies to rebalance grey infrastructures with green “systems”. Urban citizens applaud the idea. Canopies and urban forests are on the agenda. The collective recognition of our environment fragility seems to find its answer in a politically correct greening attitude. There is no need to […]

How green is urban resilience?

In the below work, the symbolic meaning of the place takes shape through a young girl drawing a sculpture of Korean artist Lim Dong-Mak. Point Growth, speaks of a nature balanced between strength and fragility, a metaphoric narrative introducing the role of greening in cities. The young girl drawing leads to question how art may […]

Venice: the failure of resilience

The below series of photographs have been taken in Venice in April 2019. The first two underscore a self-delusion leading nowhere. Moving from D0 to D+, deluding pedestrian walkways overshadow the urban environment. In the following series, the pictorial transition witnesses the dramatic disappearance of Venice. Symbolizing the legacy of Venetian history, gondolas vanish, while […]

Venice: the failure of resilience

When Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697-1768), better known as Canaletto, painted the Canareggio canal of Venice, could he guess that he would contribute, three centuries later, to challenge the city’s sustainability? As an artist dedicated to a rigorous representation of his native city, both in terms of geometry and perspective, the way he mastered the use […]

Smart city

Is there any chance to escape urban data? The answer is simply no. Why? Because we are the data. We consume data, we create data, we exchange data. Data are everywhere: Internet of Things, social networks, cell phones, sensors… They are all part of our virtual landscape.  Is there any chance that the trend could […]

C’est quoi potable? (What is it drinkable?)

This work addresses the issue of the relation between urban resilience and sustainability. Both concepts share the same objective for urban citizens. But when sustainability aims for efficiency, resilience aims for redundancy and never excludes the possibility of challenging fundamentals. At D0, Manhattan water towers are reflected on a brown house wall showing a lion […]


The below work is inspired by a series of pictures taken on the site “Les grands voisins”, Paris. The word “dé-composer” (to de-compose) painted on the wall relates indirectly to the questionable opposition between resilience and vulnerability. A silhouette recalls Levinas’ concept of alterity. A blue canvas curiously hanging, brings us back to the Sudanese […]


This photographic montage underlines the critical contribution of local decision makers to enhance urban resilience in favor of communities lacking the cultural capital, as defined by Bourdieu, which could possibly help to cope with hazards such as flooding. At D0, the floods do not prevent a community to keep on with their daily occupations while […]


Katrina was one of the most destructive natural disasters (*) to strike the US. The reasons of the malfunctions which turned the city into chaos are well known. But what have we learned from the flooding? Some pending questions remain: Did New Orleans resilience improve? Did other cities threaten by flooding learn from this tragic […]

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