Author: Yky


Confronting the absolute objectivity of sophisticated measurements to the inherent subjectivity of human behavior translates here into a deconstruction-reconstruction process of the mapping.  At D0, silhouettes dance all around Itaperuna pieces and the Muria river flooding. Graffiti photographed on the walls of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, symbolize the urban life through its political […]

La Défense

The below work questions the way rurality could become integrated into urbanity, enabling to rebalance the exclusions derived from a “selective green-washing” urbanism. At D0, the urban imposes its grid massively, almost oppressively. At D+, towers fade out. Low level buildings find a new balance. The continuum with rurality is emphasized. The appropriation of rurality […]

Orders and disorders of urban resilience

What is the meaning of urban morphologies and how resilient are they? What do cities and modern art have in common? How relevant is the concept of entropy? The three questions converge towards a universal representation of one of our contemporary urban drivers: the grid.  Sixty years ago, Kevin Lynch (1) introduced the concept of urban imageability and […]

Orders and disorders of urban resilience

Investigating the living narratives of Abraxa spaces, D0 outlines the seemingly paradoxical composition between a utilitarian dimension of urbanity and its dystopian environment. On one hand a power station supplying the electrical grid, on the other, murals and design encouraging and stimulating our imagination. Darkening in time erases the wall in favor of a central […]

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