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Feeling Sorry for SF.

To the question “Is San Francisco ready for the next quake?” you will find city officials saying yes (1) and experts saying no (2). On both sides, arguments are justified on the grounds of improved or perfectible retrofit programs, risk management training and/or infrastructures vulnerability. To the question “Is San Francisco resilient”, you will find […]

How green is urban resilience?

Climate change and regular heatwaves enhance the need for urban planning strategies to rebalance grey infrastructures with green “systems”. Urban citizens applaud the idea. Canopies and urban forests are on the agenda. The collective recognition of our environment fragility seems to find its answer in a politically correct greening attitude. There is no need to […]

Smart city

Is there any chance to escape urban data? The answer is simply no. Why? Because we are the data. We consume data, we create data, we exchange data. Data are everywhere: Internet of Things, social networks, cell phones, sensors… They are all part of our virtual landscape.  Is there any chance that the trend could […]


Katrina was one of the most destructive natural disasters (*) to strike the US. The reasons of the malfunctions which turned the city into chaos are well known. But what have we learned from the flooding? Some pending questions remain: Did New Orleans resilience improve? Did other cities threaten by flooding learn from this tragic […]

Homeless, Poverty and Urban Resilience

The way individuals socialize in a given environment has been described by Bourdieu, introducing the definition of “habitus” as a system of “governed provisions”. According to Bourdieu, a social capital acquisition by members belonging to the same social group leads to a social class habitus, encompassing the same values. Can this apply to homeless people? […]

The Japanese paradox

Centuries of earthquakes, typhoons, wars and fires. But a flourishing Tokyo which, undoubtedly, is a success story, at least seen from the economical perspective. Facing a level of natural threats, probably one of the highest in the world, the country has developed a network of infrastructures and communication tools, second to none, backed by a […]