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    Katrina was one of the most destructive natural disasters (*) to strike the US. The reasons of the malfunctions which turned the city into chaos… Read More »Katrina


      Can urban resilience be implemented in case of widespread destructions? At D0, two iconic symbols, a Le Corbusier building and the Golden Gate bridge are… Read More »Shakes(*).


        Urban space complexity increases. The adaptation to our environment is vital but in the same time it may hurt our cultural, philosophical and religious beliefs.… Read More »Interface.

        Smart city.

          There is a risk with the «smart city» development to underestimate the growing complexity of cities which can even be exacerbated by our digital environment.… Read More »Smart city.

          Gegen Ende.

            This work should be seen as a counter-example, underlining the difficulty to incorporate ephemeral experimentations in our urban plans. This building in Berlin speaks for… Read More »Gegen Ende.

            La Seine (*).

              The below work questions how far flooding adaptation can go, while protecting the cultural heritage of historical cities. At D0, the incongruity of the perspective… Read More »La Seine (*).