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He/She felt vulnerable.

    The series “He/She felt vulnerable” emphasizes the importance of narratives to better understand the nature of urban challenges when facing non-resilient dynamics. Its aim is to address various facets of the daily lives of urban citizens, highlighting the threats of “taken-for-granted” logics, while drawing on the essence of narratives as “open conversations”. Opposing the disruptions of fatalistic dystopian representations, photographs used for narrative purposes elaborate on the continuity generated by the balance between awareness, pedagogy, and action. Combining the subjectivity of words and the objectivity of visuals, “He/She felt vulnerable” echoes the challenging task of relying on non-linear logics in uncertain environments. Placed either side of a narrative reflecting on vulnerability, a “fixed-in-time” photograph and its “ever-darkening-in-time” counterpart, elaborate on the necessary reconfiguration of our environments, be it through their sociological, urbanistic, or ecological dimensions.

    Shooting place: Brooklyn, USA
    Shooting place: Tokyo, Japan
    Shooting place: New York City, USA
    Shooting place: Toronto island, Canada
    Shooting place: New York City, USA
    Shooting place: Vienna, Austria

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