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Lotura XXXII

    In the below work, Lotura XXXII, recalling the steel industry that built Bilbao’s greatness, stands as an iconic symbol sounding as a First Nations totem pole. Framed by disbalanced infrastructures, in-between past, and future, it questions how cultural heritage contributes to urban resilience.

    At D0, Bilbao past and new infrastructures, concrete and titanium sheets, are linked together, framing Lotura XXXII. This unstable balance questions how and if we intend to give to cultural heritage the place it deserves in building urban resilience.

    At D+, through the darkening process of the argentic paper, Lotura XXXII and the titanium roof of the Guggenheim Museum are the only ones remaining visible, in an attempt to answer the questions raised by D0.

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    Lotura XXXII at D0
    Lotura XXXII at D+

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