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Roma Aeterna 1, 2 & 3.

    The three below works have been inspired by photographs taken in the Jewish ghetto of Rome, IT. They challenge the myth of “The Eternal City”, questioning the continuity suggested by a metaphor ignoring socio-cultural disruptions. Echoing my own technique with argentic paper darkening in time, as an allegory of ephemerality, the pictures show how ruins in contemporary urban spaces can be left in “in-between” stages. 

    At D0, “Roma Aeterna” 1,2 & 3 emphasize the spatial and temporal continuity of an urban space recalling the myth of an eternal city, cradle of our civilization, surviving the passing time.

    At D+, only ruins remain. The continuity of D0 has developed into a discontinuity questioning their relations with our environment.  What purpose can they serve?

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    Shooting place: Jewish ghetto, Rome, Italy

    Roma Aeterna 1
    Roma Aeterna 2
    Roma Aeterna 3

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