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Exploring spirituality in the urban frame.

    The sense of belonging, social connectedness and transcendental aspirations may coalesce in a holistic relationship between people and their built environment. Intertwining nature and spirituality may pave the way to sustainable thinking. But dealing with uncertainty and complexity requires not only a capacity to adapt but also to transform. To build successfully such transformative process, a human centered commitment is unavoidable. Undoubtedly, this questions the way religious architecture should be seen: either as a historical legacy or as a “manifesto” where spirituality contributes positively to bouncing forward when urban disasters strike. In the below work, an anonymous crowd in all its diversity and materiality confronts the ambiguity of worship. 

    At D0, the urban landscape materializes in a zebra crossing linking the scene with a background referring to our vulnerability. Facing the crowd, spirituality. Facing the aggressivity, serenity.

    At D+, the background leaves the field to the human part of the city as one entity shaped by the linking crossing. Urban resilience always needs to be people centered, whatever religious or spiritual principles.

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    Shooting places: Hiroshima-Koyasan-Tokyo, Japan

    Exploring spirituality in the urban frame at D0
    Exploring spirituality in the urban frame at D+

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