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The Sense of Vulnerability.

    The below work speaks about our illusions of strength and power and at the same time shaping our vulnerability. Framed by the perspective of a Pompeii street, the Atlas statue of The Rockefeller Center, NYC, seen as a metaphor of our dreams to equal Olympian Gods, has been replaced by two iconic pieces which I photographed after September 11th: The Cross built with the debris of the twin towers and The Sphere, a sculpture of artist F. Koenig, originally located at the World Trade Center.

    At D0, the destroyed landscape with the sole Comcast building witnesses bygone times shaping here into a new Golgotha linking past and present vulnerabilities.

    At D+, sky and earth darken leaving the field open to the painful memory of September 11th, questioning the dimension of resilience when our society is unable to appreciate the consequences of its urbanistic choices. More to read here.

    Shooting place: New York City, USA

    The Sense of Vulnerability at D0
    The Sense of Vulnerability at D+

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