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Feeling Sorry for SF.

    The below work is inspired from the “Drawn Stones” of artist Goldsworthy, located at the entrance of the de Young museum, San Francisco.The original cracks aiming to recall the tectonic topography of the area gain here a dramatic perspective. Goldsworthy “Drawn Stones” are echoing Clinton Park boulders, with a dead or alive homeless of the foreground as an allegory of the city future unpredictability.

    At D0, a dead or alive homeless is trapped by three Goldsworthy drawn stones and their encircling cracks. At D+, the stones and the background fade away leaving the field to the homeless and the blue sky. A sign of hope questioning the possible resurrection of the city resilience. More to read here

    Shooting place: San Francisco, USA

    Feeling Sorry for SF at D0
    Feeling Sorry for SF at D+

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