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Kataribe (*) (語部)

    How constraining is my environment? 

    Does a belief in impermanence pave the way to lower vulnerability? Are spiritual convictions an obstacle or a guidance to understand that disasters are never natural? Is a sense of belonging helpful when moving from adaptation to transformation? How intertwined are personal wellbeing and collective identity? Are social conventions detrimental to grass-roots initiatives? Who is responsible for urban resilience?

    Who will help me to reconsider what is taken for granted, to bounce forward when a disaster strikes?

    (*) In Japanese, Kataribe means both storytelling and storyteller. It is used to build a link between individuals and community through a narration aiming to shape a post-disaster consciousness. It should be seen as part of a cultural process expected to contribute to both individual and collective resilience. 

    Kataribe (73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in)
    Shooting place: Hiroshima, Japan

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