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Building on vulnerability.

    Urban environments are increasingly dynamic, complex, and interconnected. Yet, urban design is too often focused on engineering aiming at balancing economic efficiency with risk management, and rarely considering an urban ecological dimension. Physical risks generated by a poor maintenance are the most obvious. But infrastructures are not only buildings, roads, and tunnels. They connect our nodes of life and by doing so, will shape the transactional relationships among urban citizens. Counterbalancing the logics of non-sense places ( “natured based solutions” should play a crucial role in the emergence of such relationships, prioritizing vulnerable communities and centered on governance and inclusivity.

    Shortsighted policies ignoring how intertwined are urbanistic, sociological, and environmental dimensions give a wrong sense of improvement and lead to choices that will increase overall vulnerability.


    Print sizes 73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in

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