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Home sweet home, they said.

    Where is this couple gone? Homeless are not poor having caused their own plight. Homelessness is not a matter of sickness. It questions our “Sense of Care”, and the answer is not in providing emergency shelters but a dwelling place. Understanding that homeless people may prefer to stay in the public place when they can build trust and meaningful relations is socially challenging. Framed by a desocialization-resocialization process, this forces us to reconsider the meaning of resilience when defined as the opposite of vulnerability.

    Though poverty and homelessness are intertwined, constrained individual choices due to the systemic nature of inequalities nested in a socio-political environment need to be in everyone’s mind. 

    Where is this couple gone? Moved to their new home to build a new life? No, it is still on the mattress, but we do not see it any longer.

    Print sizes 73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in

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