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Disasters are not natural.

    Beyond semantics and the importance of words, using the expression “natural disasters” leads to place the responsibility of disasters on Nature and by doing so, ignore that they are caused by societal failures. Echoing the myth of an individual resilience that could rebalance the consequences of inappropriate governance, “natural disasters” are at best an inaccurate misnomer and at worse an attempt to disguise the systemic consequences of our current socio-economic models. Linking “natural” to “disasters” leads to blame Nature instead of engaging into a critical review of current disruptions caused by human decisions.

    The below triptychs build the link between the scientific and objective evidence that there are no natural disasters and the theatrical and subjective representation of such statement. As with all other photographic works, it is assumed that both approaches are needed and complementary to improve awareness at non-expert citizens ‘level. 

    Print sizes 73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in

    Print sizes 73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in
    Print sizes 73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in

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