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Fueled tipping points, a story.

    Scientists propose quantitative planetary boundaries enabling humanity to grow for generations to come. Crossing these boundaries may lead to tipping points and major shifts threatening our future. In the same way, socializing in mobility spaces is linked to qualitative boundaries which are critical when shaping territories allowing individuals to interact with one another. Crossing or not crossing these boundaries, will be instrumental in building shared values and meanings. Public spaces are not only determined by physical attributes or interactions between people and surroundings. Ephemeral socially shared practices play a role as well. But threatened by an ongoing pandemic and by climate change narratives, the public space disappears supplanted by flows and fluxes impacting alterity. Scientists propose quantitative planetary boundaries to secure our future. But developing a consciousness of qualitative boundaries is also a prerequisite to improve our common well-living and wellbeing. Bouncing back to the old normality without reconsidering what caused current imbalances may trigger major social changes.

    Fueled tipping points, a story. (73 x 110 cm / 29 x 43 in)
    Shooting place: New York City, USA

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