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Who lies?

    Public spaces either relieve or exacerbate vulnerabilities. We are bound together in a community of shared obligations. But our urban space perception and capacity to interact are threatened, challenging our sense of care. 

    Care is complex. It needs to be released of its constraints, of social relations organized around dependence and fragility. Care is more than altruism or empathy. Care is a behavior. It needs to move beyond a scale of value towards the awareness of our relations to others, as different persons who need to be recognized for their differences in the right they have to be themselves and different. Care shows the way to alterity as conceptualized by E. Levinas: When the Other looks at me, the simple fact that he looks at me makes me accountable, whether I like it or not


    Who lies? (73 x 30 cm / 29 x 12 in)
    Shooting place: New York City, USA

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