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We don’t need heroes

    Beyond the richness of a concept with multi-faceted dimensions and the emptiness of a word used nowadays to mean anything, resilience, when applied to our daily lives, questions the balance between individual acts and collective responsibility. The below work shows the inside room of an Ellis Island dwelling. At D0, windows have been covered with wooden planks, each of them having an opening letting the light in. Walls display old photographs of immigrants who went through immigration controls. In the center of the room, linking past to present, stands a twisted piece of metal originating from the twin towers. At D+, the whole picture darkened. Only the light coming through the planks and the unforgettable face of a young immigrant will remain stable over time. More to read here.

    Shooting place: New York City, USA

    We don’t need heroes at D0
    We don’t need heroes at D+

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