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    The below photographic work (*) is the outcome of a stay in Vienna, Austria. At D0, Culture, contaminated by the Covid, is represented by three statues of the Karl-Marx-Hof, “Körperkultur”, “Befreiung” and “Aufklärung”, wearing face masks and standing in front of a homeless, as among the most vulnerable of us. All of them are enchained with ropes as an allegory of the urban resilience failure when the required role of Culture in our society is not met. At D+, the three statues fade out of the frame, while their lingering masked faces question our ability to build a cultural policy contributing to decrease social vulnerability. More to read here.

    (*) This work is dedicated to Eva V., getting out the homelessness deadlock when I met her and so proud to show her “Kultur Pass” enabling a free access to the city museums. Hunger auf Kunst & Kultur.

    Shooting place: Vienna, Austria

    Impairment at D0
    Impairment at D+

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