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    Inspired by South African and French artists, William Kentridge and Anne Kolin, the below work speaks about our consumer-capitalistic society and disconnected behaviors, infringing basic human rights. It echoes what sociologist Bauman called the passage from “solid” to “liquid” modernity (10), suggesting an ever evolving society where sustainability and social constructions are undermined. The metaphoric opposition between the North and the South translates here into a new symbolic dimension of Bauman’s liquidity, with a free-flowing misused water turning into a dried stream binding both hemispheres, recalling to the North its universal responsibility.

    At D0, the metaphor of our ambiguous and cynical consciousness faces the tragedy of our choices. The abundant useless water falls of the left part ending up in the drying puddle of the right part, speak of our collective failure to reverse the coercing trend of our modernity, from solid to liquid. At D+, the metaphor of water scarcity remains solely visible. It looks at us and recalling the Levinas principle of alterity, encourages us to reconsider our unsustainable comfort zones. More to read here

    Shooting place: Paris, France

    Droughts at D0
    Droughts at D+

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