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Metro Bastille.

    Metro Bastille, Paris, is a series of five diptychs picturing the artificial subway design and how it produces mental gaps in our relations with others. D0 shows the “Bastille” station photographed during the Covid pandemic. To the empty corridors, distorted shapes and silhouettes of subway passengers photographed before the pandemic have been added. They are parts of masses moving from one point to the other, in an environment close to space alienation. As such, their inability to interact with others erases the boundaries pre and post-Covid, with empty corridors and distorted silhouettes merging into one balanced scene. At D+, the light exposure and appropriate chemical treatment make the silhouettes more visible. The combined effect between contrasted and faded shapes exacerbates the ambiguity of human behavior in adverse environments questioning their impact in building resilience.

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    Shooting place: Paris, France

    Metro Bastille 1 at D0
    Metro Bastille 1 at D+
    Metro Bastille 2 at D0
    Metro Bastille 2 at D+
    Metro Bastille 3 at D0
    Metro Bastille 3 at D+
    Metro Bastille 4 at D0
    Metro Bastille 4 at D+
    Metro Bastille 5 at D0
    Metro Bastille 5 at D+

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