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C’est quoi potable? (What is it drinkable?)

    This work addresses the issue of the relation between urban resilience and sustainability. Both concepts share the same objective for urban citizens. But when sustainability aims for efficiency, resilience aims for redundancy and never excludes the possibility of challenging fundamentals. At D0, Manhattan water towers are reflected on a brown house wall showing a lion face mascaron forming the mouth of a fountain from which water spouts. The words “C’est quoi potable” (referring to a painting of B. Dufour) and the water fountain question the balance between urban resilience and sustainability. At D+, only the water tower shadows remain visible underscoring the need for a synergy between the two concepts. More to read here.

    Shooting place: New York City, USA

    C’est quoi potable at D0
    C’est quoi potable at D+

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