Category: Environmental Dimension

Venice: the failure of resilience

When Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697-1768), better known as Canaletto, painted the Canareggio canal of Venice, could he guess that he would contribute, three centuries later, to challenge the city’s sustainability? As an artist dedicated to a rigorous representation of his native city, both in terms of geometry and perspective, the way he mastered the use […]

The Japanese paradox

Centuries of earthquakes, typhoons, wars and fires. But a flourishing Tokyo which, undoubtedly, is a success story, at least seen from the economical perspective. Facing a level of natural threats, probably one of the highest in the world, the country has developed a network of infrastructures and communication tools, second to none, backed by a […]

The ephemerality of urban resilience

By nature, urban resilience leads to ephemerality. What has been built should possibly be undone as no one can predict what our future will be. Such principle is intelligently reflected in the guidelines of the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, in charge of the sustainable management of historic environment, page 46, “In reality, […]

Can urban resilience cope with earthquakes?

Earthquakes are devastating at different levels. They impact the cities, the organizations and the persons. Though short in duration, they may destroy not only infrastructures but our historical heritage too. They talk about an irrational fear: the destruction of our matrix. According to C. Strupp (1), it is estimated that earthquakes caused 2 million deaths […]

Is urban planning the right tool to improve Urban Resilience?

In 2017, seventeen renowned experts gathered together to brainstorm about the expected conditions to develop urban planning into a large-scale and transformative tool (1). The title of the article, Conceptualizing Dimensions and Characteristics of Urban Resilience: Insights from a Co-Design Process, though conceptual, should not hinder anyone having interest in the complex process of implementing […]

Is urban resilience sustainable ?

This work addresses the issue of the relation between urban resilience and sustainability. Many authors have recalled how both concepts relate one to each other. A recent publication in Nature proposes a new framework, showing how undesired developments, though resilient, can be transformed into desired developments reaching so a higher level of sustainability (1). The […]